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Deborah Joy has taught private and group lessons, hosted dance practice parties,
choreographed and performed publicly for over four years. She specializes in 14 different dances
ranging from Ballroom to Latin to Swing. Ms. Joy’s expertise in both the female and male dance
roles, styling and technique enables her students to look polished and smooth. Her lessons deliver
a unique dance experience including royal red-carpet treatment tailored to the individual
interests of each student plus valuable insights into the wedding industry in general. 

Deborah Joy’s larger vision is to empower students with confidence and communication
skills. Her teaching philosophy is the non-verbal communication involved in partner-dancing is a
conduit for enhancing these traits and skills because it encourages patience, teamwork, trust,
respect and cooperation—all the same assets that contribute toward a happy marriage !

Letter of Recommendation from a former student:

28 February 2001

Dear Deborah,

With my upcoming move to the Los Angeles area, I will certainly miss the weekly private dance instructions with you. These individual lessons have been essential for filling the "gaps" from the various group lessons I've taken in order to become proficient and confident in ballroom dancing. I'm sure that this investment in private lessons will pay many dividends over years of future dancing.

Your unique teaching skills and style are excellent. As a person who was totally new to ballroom dancing, I greatly appreciate your insistence on establishing competence in the fundamentals of each type of dance before moving to more advanced movements. I particularly appreciate your attention to the fine points of technique which make a significant difference in the fluidity of each dance style. I also commend you for seeking to understand my personal goals in dancing, recommending the maintenance of a dance journal, and offering advice on etiquette and other non-technical aspects of social dancing. In short, thanks to you, I now have a strong foundation to build on for future growth in dancing.

Most importantly, you were key to keeping my interest in ballroom dancing. When I first came to you, I was very frustrated and uncomfortable at social dance parties-I was close to throwing in the towel on dancing. Your outstanding instruction and focused attention to my personal needs gave me the necessary tools and self-confidence to move through the "survival" stage of social dancing and to begin having fun with it. Now, I look forward to the enjoyment of dancing for a long time to come!

I wish you continued success in your teaching and dancing career, and I hope we can stay in touch.

Most Sincerely,

Michael Marx

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